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We are an Independent Logistics Consultancy

Specialists in logistics and supply chain software and technology

Logistics Health Check

Our latest offering, we can identify improvements to ensure you get the right item to the right person at the right time at the right cost!

A Logistics Health check is ideal for businesses selling B2C or B2B. A swift review of the People, Processes and Technology within your Logistics operation.

The Logistics Health Check is tailored to your business based on your pain-points or areas you need to become more efficient.

Drone Solutions

We can assist you with selecting and implementing a drone solution that can improve efficiency and accuracy in the warehouse.

At Logistics Partners we have combined our joint experience in warehouse operations, sofware development and UAV design, safety, test & operation to evaluate how drones can benefit warehouse operations. We have been evaluating several solutions that are on the market, and we have also developed and tested our own drone inventory checking solution.

This experience of operating a drone in a warehouse environment means we are able to advise customers not only about the benefits but also the challenges for drones in this environment.

Managed Software & Technology Selection for your Supply Chain

From the Supply Chain Systems and Supply Chain Technology experts

Logistics Partners can advise you on suitable supply chain systems and manage the process for you, to ensure a thorough but cost effective selection process.

You may be searching for a suitable Warehouse Management System (WMS), Transport Management System (TMS), Forecasting & Purchasing, Sales Order Processing (SOP) or ePos. Logistics Partners can assist you.

Supply Chain Systems Review

Are you getting the best out of your installed systems and business processes? Maybe your current supply chain systems are limiting business process change?

A supply chain systems review will highlight the aspects systems or operational performance that could be improved.

If you want to ensure your supply chain systems are integrated effectively, a Logistics Partners Supply Chain Systems Review is what you need.

Project or Program Management

Draw on years of real experience managing large and small projects, and choose Logistics Partners to manage your logistics project or program.

Logistics Partners offer skilled project management for the following areas: supply chain systems implementation, Logistics Technology implementation, supply chain systems upgrades, and supply chain integration projects. Crucially, we have the knowledge and communication skills to project manage the implementation of the most complex warehouse management systems, working directly with both management and the warehouse floor.

Supply Chain Integration

We can ensure your Supply Chain Systems and Logistics Technology result in a reliable and integrated supply chain.

This includes supply chain integration consultancy, Implementation consultancy, business continuity planning / Disaster Recovery and business process re-engineering.

This includes supply chain integration consultancy, implementation consultancy and business process re-engineering.

Business Continuity Planning

If your warehouse is running real-time voice or RF systems how long can you operate without these systems?

Even if you have an IT disaster recovery plan, how long will the switch to back-up systems take? Logistics Partners will work with operational and IT staff to ensure you have a clear Business Continuity Plan so that the warehouse can continue to operate and protect service level

Logistics Procurement Tender Support

Supply Chain systems are now key for an effective operation, therefore if you are issuing or responding to a tender you need to ensure these are defined and agreed.

Logistics Partners works with both end customers issuing tenders and suppliers responding to tenders to ensure supply chain systems are accurately presented and evaluated

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