Drone Solutions

We can assist you with selecting and implementing a drone solution that can improve efficiency and accuracy in the warehouse.

At Logistics Partners we have combined our joint experience in warehouse operations, sofware development and UAV design, safety, test & operation to evaluate how drones can benefit warehouse operations. We have been evaluating several solutions that are on the market, and we have also developed and tested our own drone inventory checking solution. This experience of operating a drone in a warehouse environment means we are able to advise customers not only about the benefits but also the challenges for drones in this environment.

Our services include:

  • Advice on the potential benefits of drones for your warehouses
  • Selection of the most suitable drone solution for your environment
  • Assistance with ROI calculations for potential drone solutions
  • Drone implementation assistance
  • Drone operational safety assessments
  • Training
  • Creation of Standard Operating Procedures

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