Supply Chain System Review

We can identify systems or operational changes
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Logistics Partners workbooks have been developed to enable a speedy review of the operational and administration procedures within the warehouse; including the use of systems to perform these procedures. For a particular supply chain systems review these will be tailored to the operation being reviewed. The review can include Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Transport Management Systems (TMS), Forecasting & Purchasing, Sales Order Processing (SOP), ePos and any logistics technology used.

Typical areas that can be included in a supply chain systems review:

  • Systems Architecture and interfaces
  • Customer Order Placement and scheduling
  • Stock Location and Inventory
  • Goods Receipt
  • Picking and Despatch
  • Returns/Claims
  • Store or customer order calculation
  • ePOS systems
  • Warehouse replenishment Purchase Order creation and scheduling
  • Transport scheduling and utilisation
  • Customer delivery

A typical supply chain systems review will involve:

  • Tailoring of the Logistics Partners workbooks
  • On-site review, including interviews with key personnel and shadowing of key operations
  • Preparation of the report
  • The results of the supply chain systems review will be presented to the relevant warehouse supervisors and management and a workshop will be organised to discuss the recommendations

The final report will:

  • Give an overview of the operational and administration processes currently in use
  • Highlight the system functionality available, but not currently being exploited and the projected benefits and costs of utilising this functionality
  • Propose operational changes that can be effected with current systems and the benefits such changes could provide
  • Propose customisations to current systems or new supply chain system or logistics technology that will improve the efficiency of the operation and the benefits these changes could bring


Logistics Partners have successfully performed Supply Chain Systems Reviews for numerous customers. For example, we have reviewed:

  • The Ambient and Chill operations for Midlands Co-Operative Society, from forecasting and re-order through to warehouse despatch
  • The Transport, ordering and in-store systems for deliveries from the UK to non-UK locations for NAAFI.
  • The end-to-end supply chain from forecasting & ordering through warehouse management to retail sales for P&O Ferries

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"Lynn's excellent knowledge of supply chain, logistics and warehouse management was invaluable in identifying weaknesses in current process and technology as well as identifying requirements for a new WMS.

Despite a difficult business environment Lynn continued to gain business engagement and produce work of a faultless standard. I am happy to recommend Lynn to any company looking to target improvements in their logistics division."

- Alisdair Walton—IT Business Analyst - P&O Ferries 2006 to 2008

"Cost Effective!"

"It was clear in the joint proposal put forward by Aricia Limited and
 Logistics Partners that they had identified our issues and a cost-effective
 way of addressing them. This assignment really helped us to progress our

- Chris Emmel, Buying Director, NAAFI

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