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Lynn Parnell and Kieron Parnell have over 30 years experience each in technical & operational roles within logistics management and aeronautical engineering respecitively. Here they share some of their knowledge.

Below are links to Logistics Partners briefings on current topics within Logistics . If you have any questions on how Logistics Partners can help you analyse your requirements or assist in implementations please contact us. You can also sign up for email updates in the box on the left. Lynn will publish new briefings throughout the year and you can be the first to find out.

Drones in Logistcs - More than just delivery!

There have been several high-profile European drone trials for customer delivery, and in some parts of the world these are now in regular use transporting healthcare supplies. This is only part of a drone’s capabilities – they have the potential to offer significant safety, efficiency, cost and accuracy benefits in the supply chain both inside and outside the warehouse. This article gives an overview of the regulations regarding drones and their potential uses within the warehouse.

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Information Technology in Logistics Outsourcing.

Traditionally logistics outsourcing has focussed on cost and physical service levels, with Information Technology (IT) playing a small part in the decision process. Effective IT is now key to the success of most supply chains and therefore needs to be an important consideration in the logistics outsourcing process. This briefing document advises both the Customer (i.e. manufacturer, retailer) and the Logistics Provider on why IT is important, who should provide the IT, key considerations for IT during the outsourcing lifecycle and challenges to getting effective IT in an outsourced logistics environment.

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5 Tips for a Successful Supply Chain System

There have been several high profile failures in the implementations of Supply Chain Systems. In 2004 Sainsburys £3 billion investment in Supply Chain systems resulted in a lack of stock on the shelves and a £260M write off. In 2011 SuperDry’s stated that a £6 - £9 Million loss in profits were due to issues with a warehouse system implementation. So if large corporations can’t get it right, what steps can SME’s take to ensure a successful software implementation? Download the business briefing to find out

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Voice Technology: Does your Warehouse Need it?

Voice Technology has been around for 20 years but only in the last few years has the technology become suitable for implementation in the warehouse environment.

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RFID: Will it change your supply chain?

RFID is the use of a "tag" with a semiconductor to store information. These "tags" can be placed on items, case or pallets. The "tag" information can be accessed and sometimes updated throughout the supply chain.

RFID is believed to be the "next big thing" by many people within the logistics and supply chain industries allowing increased visibility of stock and enable accurate tracking of merchandise.

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