Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

How long can you operate if your supply chain software
or logistics technology is down?

Most companies now have an IT disaster recovery plan, but with warehouse operations now relying on real-time systems, e.g. voice and RF, what happens in the warehouse while these back-up systems are initiated? Many companies do not have a plan for the continuity of warehouse operations in the event of IT failure and temporary loss of supply chain systems. In many optimized and lean supply chains an outage of 20 minutes for supply chain systems or logistics technology will impact on customer delivery times.

Logistics Partners works with companies to create a useable and workable BCP to protect customer service level in a disaster recovery situation.

Logistics Partners will:

  • Review the current operation to highlight the areas to be included in the BCP
  • Advise on any system changes that may be required to provide a disaster recovery solution when real-time systems are not available
  • Work with your team to create a BCP using Logistics Partners templates
  • Ensure the resulting procedure is practical and useable, not just a box-ticking exercise
  • Present the document for review at Board and Operations level
  • Co-ordinate the testing of the BCP document in a “live" situation
  • Provide an audit facility to check your BCP is up to date and all staff are still aware of actions required


  • Logistics Partners have worked with both warehouse and systems personnel at Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland to create contingency systems and plans for all warehouses. These ensure all warehouses can continue to operate during any system outage while back-up systems are initiated, despite their normal reliance on real-time voice systems. Tailored plans have been created for ambient, chill and frozen warehouses, and have been tested in each environment. Logistics Partners also assists Musgrave in reviewing these plans as the operation changes.

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"Professional, Personable, Expert!"

"I have worked closely with Lynn on a number of projects since I joined as Head of the IT Supply Chain Team in January 2007 for Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland. Lynn has been working with our Supply Chain Team going back to 1999.

In my time with the team Lynn has help us deliver a number of significant projects for our business including MSR, BCP, & financial integration. Lynn is a subject matter expert on Supply Chain Business Process & our WMS. She has undoubtedly added significant benefit to our business in terms of her knowledge, insights & development skills.

People within our team and wider business community speak very highly of Lynn and she has always been highly professional & personable throughout all our dealings. I look forward to continuing to work with Lynn into the future."

- Stephen Bennett, IT Supply Chain Manager, Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland, 2007 - 2012

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