Logistics Health Check

We can identify improvements to ensure you get the right item to the right person at the right time at the right cost!

A Logistics Health check is ideal for businesses selling B2C or B2B. Logistics Partners workbooks have been developed to enable a swift review of the People, Processes and Technology within your Logistics operation. The Logistics Health Check is tailored to your business based on your pain-points or areas you need to become more efficient.

Typical areas that can be included in a Logistics Health Check:

  • Inbound planning
  • Goods receipt
  • Stock Location and Inventory
  • Customer order placement and scheduling
  • Picking and Despatch
  • Transport scheduling and utilisation
  • Delivery tracking
  • Returns/Claims

A typical Logistics Health Check will involve:

  • Initial video meeting or call to agree the scope and areas to be covered by the health check
  • Tailoring of the Logistics Partners workbooks
  • On-site or socially distanced review, including interviews with key personnel and shadowing or video review of key operations
  • Preparation of the Logistics Health Check report
  • A workshop with key personnel to review the report and agree a 5 point action plan

The Logistics Health Check report will:

  • Give an overview of the current operation and sytems
  • Provide flowcharts for current key processes
  • Highlight areas that could benefit from improvements
  • Propose up to 10 recommended changes to People, Processes or technology, and the benefits these could provide.


Logistics Partners have successfully performed Logistics Health Checks for various customers. Recent examples include:

  • The raw materials supply chain for a UK based manufacturer
  • The operations at a UK fulfillment centre with a variety of eCommerce and trade customers     

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